Bike Rack Info

Bus without a bike on the bike rackRazorback Transit now has bicycle racks on all routes. These racks, attached to the front of the buses will hold two bicycles. The bicycles will be placed on and removed from the rack by the bicycle rider.

Bus with a bike on the bike rack

To operate the bicycle rack, follow the instructions on the rack itself. Squeeze the handle and fold the rack toward the grand. Lift the bike and place it in the rack as shown, making sure both tires are in the appropriate slots.  In order to secure your bike to the rack, pull out the retaining bar and swing it into place over the front tire.

When arriving at the destination, please remind the driver that you need to get your bike off the rack.

To remove your bike, simply reverse the procedure. Pull up on the retaining bar and swing it back to its original position, lift your bike straight up and then place it on the ground. Squeeze the handle, and fold the rack up ensuring that it locks into place.

Please contact Razorback Transit at 575-RIDE or ask the driver if you have questions or need assistance with the bicycle rack.