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Basketball Game Reminder

Men’s Basketball Athletics Priority parking lots must be vacated by 5PM on Monday, November 12, 2018 for the Arkansas/ UC Davis Basketball game. A map of these lots is located on the Transit and Parking website at

Vehicles left in Razorback Foundation Priority parking lots will be cited ($100).  Vehicles that remain in Razorback Foundation Priority parking lots may receive additional citations ($100).  While there is no guarantee that vehicles will be relocated, the Razorback Foundation reserves the right to relocate vehicles left in Razorback Foundation Priority parking lots [no charge for relocating]. Vehicles relocated by the Razorback Foundation from Razorback Foundation Priority Parking lots will be towed to the west parking lot at Baum Stadium on Razorback Road.

If you are required to move your vehicle, we recommend you park in lots 72, 73A, 73, 74B, 74C, 74D located off Razorback Rd, north of the outdoor track. You may also relocate to lot 99. Lot 99 is located on the corner of Beechwood Ave. and San Gabriel Cir.
Lot 99 does not have to be vacated for any athletic events.

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UA Parking Options

Trying to decide which permit to purchase or have questions regarding your current permit? Check out the UA Parking Options Chart.