Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Do I have to pay to ride the bus?

    No, Razorback Transit is fare free.

  2. How is Razorback Transit funded?

    Razorback Transit is funded by Federal Transit Administration Grants, U of A Student Transportation Fees, the U of A Administration, and the City of Fayetteville.

  3. Why do non-students get to ride the buses?

    Razorback Transit is a federally funded public transportation provider. By Federal law anyone is allowed to use these resources.

  4. Where can I find bus schedules?

    All maps and schedules are available on our web page at . Razorback Transit also produces large format transit maps and route-by-route time tables that are available at the Transit and Parking Office at 155 Razorback Road, the Arkansas Union Information Desk, the Harmon Avenue Garage, and on all buses.

  5. How can I find the current location of my bus?

    Razorback Transit provides the real-time locations of all of our route buses. You can find this resource at . This is available from any desk top computer or web browser enabled mobile phone. It is also accessible from the UARK Mobile app available from the iTunes store.

  6. Does the bus have to stop at every stop?

    Razorback Transit uses the pull-cord stop request system on our buses. This is done to promote efficiency in our system. Typically all of our stops are used on a regular basis and have passengers wanting to get off of the bus or passengers waiting to board the bus, so the bus will stop. However, there are times when no passengers are at the designated bus stop or wanting off of the bus and the bus will not make a stop at that time.

  7. Why did the bus not pick me up?

    There are times on our more heavily utilized routes that the bus will fill to capacity prior to completing the trip. When this happens the bus will continue straight to the destination, unless there are passengers requesting to disembark the bus at a designated stop.

  8. How can I avoid missing the bus?

    We recommend that all passengers arrive at the bus stop 5 to 10 minutes before the estimated arrival time. During peak service times we recommend that passengers choose to catch earlier trips to avoid heavy crowds and insure a space on the bus. The same recommendation applies for return trips from campus. You may find it more convenient to choose a later trip to avoid the crowds during peak service times.

  9. Are pets allowed on the bus?

    No, pets are not allowed on Razorback Transit vehicles.

Updated March 4, 2014