Garland Garage

Transit and Parking



Transit and Parking has openings for Razorback Transit drivers and for parking enforcement personnel.  Go to Click on "career site" to go to job listings. You may then wish to click on "Fayetteville" to refine the search.  In the search bar, type in "Transit" to see postings for drivers, or type in "Parking" to see the openings for parking enforcement.


Beginning with the fall semester of 2021, Transit and Parking will monitor all parking areas with license plate recognition (LPR) technology. The system can quickly identify any vehicle that does not have a parking permit or one that has the wrong parking permit for that area. The system works by entering the license plate into the system at the time a virtual parking permit, or e-permit, is purchased.  Once the license plate number is entered into the system, the plate itself becomes the identifying marker for your parking permit, rather than a windshield decal. For more information, you may see the LPR frequently asked questions or you may see this short article of LPR details.