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Transit and Parking


WHEN TO VACATE PARKING AREAS – For basketball games on weeknights, athletic parking areas should be vacated two hours prior to tip-off but not before 5 p.m.  For games played on Saturday or Sunday, athletic parking areas should be vacated no later than two hours before game time. For students who live on campus, Transit and Parking recommends that you move your vehicle on Friday night before home Saturday games, or on Saturday night before Sunday home games.  

To see a map of the athletic parking areas, click here for men’s games or click here for women’s games.  All athletic schedules are at

FOR VACATE NOTIFICATIONS – You may get reminders about when to move your vehicle by signing up on your Outlook calendar. For details, see the article in Arkansas News



Transit and Parking offices at 155 South Razorback Road are open, but because of coronavirus concerns, we encourage you to handle matters via email or phone. For parking issues, you may email or call 479 575-PARK (7275). You may purchase a parking permit online at For questions related to Razorback Transit, please email or phone 479 575-RIDE (7433). Most matters can be handled without you having to make an in-person visit to the counter in our lobby (with the exception of vendor permits, ADA parking, etc.). If you do have to come by, requirements are in place for face coverings and social distancing, just as they are elsewhere on campus.