Blue Reserved and Garage

Blue Reserved and Garage offer emails will be sent to applicants' uark email addresses starting mid-summer.

Faculty/Staff Permit Types

Below are brief descriptions of the permit types available for faculty and staff.  For more details, please refer to the UA Parking Options ChartParking Map, and the Parking and Traffic Regulations. Parking conditions vary, and you may be required to move your vehicle for athletic or special events.  Always pay attention to lot signs.

Faculty-Staff Parking


Faculty/Staff - General Parking

The following permits do not require approval and may be purchased online at My Parking Account.

  • Faculty/Staff - (yellow) general parking in yellow lots
  • Motorcycle - parking in motorcycle lots
  • Scooter - parking in scooter lots
  • Economy - parking in orange economy lot
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Visitor Parking


Reserved, Garage, and ADA

The following permits require approval to purchase:

  • Reserved- (blue) parking in blue reserved lot, requires approval
  • Garage - parking in assigned garage, requires approval
  • Reserved Scooter - parking in reserved scooter lots, requires approval
  • ADA - parking in accessible spaces, requires documentation and approval
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Permit Fees Fall 2022-Spring 2023

Faculty/Staff Reserved 734.11
Faculty/Staff greater than or equal to $40K annual salary/Visitor/Vendor 204.73
Faculty/Staff less than $40K annual salary 140.34
Economy 25.00
Motorcycle 74.06
Parking Garage Reserved (full year) 972.86
Scooter Reserved  222.15
Scooter 74.06