Accessible Parking Permit Issuance Procedure

Parking Regulations Section 4.4 – ADA Accessible Parking


(4.4.1) Annual accessible (ADA) parking permits will be issued at the normal cost to any student or employee who has a state handicap parking placard or license plate issued in their name.

(4.4.2) Temporary accessible (ADA) parking permits will be issued for the same length of time as the state temporary placard or for a maximum of seven (7) days based on an appropriate and licensed physician’s statement recommending a temporary accessible (ADA) permit.


(4.4.4) Individuals seeking an Accessible Parking Permit should first seek to receive a state handicap parking placard or license plate, however, should there be extenuating circumstances where that is not available, you may contact the Accommodations and Accessibility Services/ ADA Coordinator with Equal Opportunity, Compliance, and Title IX (OEOC).

(4.4.5) The appropriate permit type, with the addition of an ADA designator, will be issued for the standard fee. The ADA designator will not be issued on a economy permit. The ADA permit allows parking in UA ADA parking spaces and in lots designated as faculty/staff, student and economy. Meter payment is required when parking at a parking meter.

(4.4.6) Campus visitors who have a state issued ADA placard or vehicle license plate may park in an accessible (ADA) parking space if they have purchased a current UA temporary parking permit.


Updated February 7, 2023