Citation Appeal Information

Parking Citation Appeals Information

Any written appeal for consideration by the Traffic Appeals Committee is to be made at the Transit and Parking Department within five class days after the date of the ticket. After five class days and up to 90 days, the ticket may still be appealed, however, it must be paid first. After 90 days, the citation cannot be appealed. Your copy of the ticket must be filed with the appeal. Each ticket must be appealed on a separate form.

A $10 processing fee will be charged per ticket when the appeal is filed. The fee will be refunded only if the appeal is upheld. A lost ticket, forgetfulness, parking only for a short period, failure to display a parking permit, or not seeing the signs are not grounds for an appeal

The initial written appeal will be reviewed to determine if it meets administrative guidelines. If it does not, the initial appeal will be denied. If denied the appellant may present his or her case orally before the entire committee, provided the administrative guidelines have been met.

To appeal a parking citation:

Obtain a written appeal form from the Transit and Parking Department in the Administrative Services Building, 155 South Razorback Road or use the online pdf version.

Remember an appeal must address the violation and be based on very extenuating circumstances.

Pay the processing fee and pay the ticket, if it is over five class days old.

The written appeal will be reviewed to determine if it meets administrative guidelines, if not the appeal will be denied.

A letter will be sent to the appellant's address informing them of the decision of the Traffic Appeals Committee.

If the appeal has been denied the appellant may contact the Transit and Parking Department at 479-575-8738 or by email to Carla Foster at to request an appointment for an oral appeal.

The Traffic Appeals Committee only meets once per month. During the month of August the Traffic Appeals Committee may not meet.