Parking Control

Parking Control

Parking Control and Enforcement

If you always read the parking lot signs and park only where authorized, you can avoid receiving a parking citation. Any vehicle parked illegally on the University of Arkansas campus is subject to tow and impound or immobilization at the owner's expense. Lot designations are subject to change without prior notice; therefore, you should check the signs each time you enter a parking lot.


Boots and Tows

Boots, Tows, and Bike Impounds

Follow these steps if your vehicle has been booted or towed:

  • Call 575-7275 or go to the ADSB parking office to pay
  • Pay all outstanding citations plus the boot or tow fee in person or over the phone
  • Meet Parking Control Supervisor at your vehicle (boot) or impound lot (tow)
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ADSB Parking Office

Rules and Regulations

Avoid parking tickets by reading and complying with all campus parking signs and the Parking and Traffic Regulations.

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