Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I avoid getting a parking citation?

Transit and Parking recommends you take a few minutes to learn where your parking permit grants access on campus. Once you are familiar with campus, you are far less likely to accidentally park somewhere illegally. Also, you should give yourself plenty of time when you are parking; as many parking violations occur when a person is in a big hurry. In addition, please pay attention to signs in the parking areas, and do not park in any area that is not clearly marked for parking, or that is not for your particular parking permit. If you are not certain about where to park, be sure to seek reliable information. (If you hear someone on campus say it is okay to park in a certain location, that does not necessarily mean it is legal). Any questions should be directed to Transit and Parking by emailing or by phoning 479 575-PARK (7275).

2. Why do many students and some employees have to move their vehicles for certain sporting events?

Many of the parking areas that students use during any given week were actually funded by the athletic department. When those parking areas were constructed, it was understood that they could be used by students and by employees most of the time, but that there would be times when they would be needed for the thousands of guests who come to campus during major athletic events. For the most part, this affects some yellow parking areas, green parking lots, and the Meadow Street Parking Garage, but there are obviously variations depending upon the sporting event. Economy parking is at Lot 99, south of the main campus, and was constructed to provide a parking alternative for parking permit holders who have to move a vehicle. You may see an entire parking map at  In addition, you may see more details about game day parking at

3. Why aren't there more parking garages on campus?

A surface lot built on land owned by the University of Arkansas costs more than $6,000 per space to build. To build a new parking garage, it costs more than $23,500 per parking space. Parking permit fees would have to significantly increase to pay for more parking garages.

4. Are parking controllers paid by commission?

They are not. They are paid an hourly wage regardless of the number of citations written. Most Parking Control Officers are students but they are also university employees, and as such deserve the cooperation and respect of students, faculty and staff. Their job requires them to be visible in their work area to assist drivers by providing directions and information, and to ensure parking is available for authorized individuals.

5. Do parking controllers have a quota?

No. Parking Control Officers are instructed that a verbal warning, heeded by a violator, accomplishes the goal the same as issuing a citation. Their mission is to enforce the parking regulations to ensure that adequate parking is available for authorized vehicles. This is to be accomplished by being visible in their assigned work areas to provide information and directions, and to issue parking citations when necessary.

6. Why are vehicles towed or booted?

The University of Arkansas reserves the right to remove any vehicle from its property. Vehicles may be booted or towed for reasons such as: if a motorist has excessive unpaid citations, is a habitual violator, is parked in an unauthorized space, or parked in a way that creates a safety hazard or blocks a Razorback Transit bus stop. In lieu of towing, vehicles may be booted (immobilized). The advantages of booting are that the vehicle remains on campus, the owner can still remove personal belongings from the vehicle, and the boot fee is much less than a tow fee. Vehicles will not remain booted overnight. Booted vehicles not claimed by the close of business will be towed. The owner of a towed vehicle does not pay the boot fee; however, they do pay all outstanding citations and the tow fee before the vehicle will be released.

7. How do I get a boot removed from my vehicle?

To get a boot removed from a vehicle requires the payment of all outstanding citations and a $30 boot fee. Payment is to be made at the Transit and Parking Department in the Administrative Services Building at 155 South Razorback Road from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, or the Harmon Avenue Garage after hours. Payments may also be made by phone using an American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA credit card. The boot or tow and associated fees can be appealed following the normal appeal process.

8. How big is the budget for parking, and how do we know how the money is handled?

Because it takes a lot of money to build and to maintain parking lots and parking garages, the department collects a lot of revenue each fiscal year, but all of it is spent taking care of all the parking needs of the university. For an overview of the Transit and Parking budget click here.

9. Is parking enforced when classes are not in session?

Any time the University of Arkansas is open, parking requirements remain in place for all motorists on campus. Because there are many employees working on campus even when classes are not in session, parking must be enforced.

Updated May 11, 2020