Item Policy

Personal Items

  • Items such as grocery bags, backpacks, or other personal belongings that you can reasonably control in one trip are allowed to be brought onto the bus. All belongings must be kept under control at all times within your personal space while keeping the aisle and other seats clear.

Carts/Storage Containers

  • All carts/storage containers (bags, ice chests, boxes, etc.) cannot exceed the size dimensions of 15” wide, 15” deep, 26” tall. All contents must be contained inside the basket/holding compartment. Bags or other items will not be allowed to be affixed to the outside of the cart while on the bus.
  • Passengers with carts/containers must be seated in one of the inward-facing seats. The passenger must maintain control of the approved cart/container at all times while keeping the aisle and other seats clear. Passengers with approved carts/containers will not be allowed to sit in any forward-facing seat. The approved carts/storage container will not be secured by wheelchair-securement devices.

Restricted Items Not Allowed

  • Used gasoline cans, car batteries, fireworks, guns, tires, or any other object that is potentially dangerous or too large to fit between passenger seats.