Parking and Traffic Regulations

University of Arkansas
Parking and Traffic Regulations
Administration and Policy, effective July 1, 2015

In accordance with A.C.A. 25-17-307, the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas has established the following regulations to facilitate the operation and parking of motor vehicles on the University of Arkansas campus. These regulations apply to all persons utilizing the lands and streets owned or controlled by the University of Arkansas. UA Traffic and Parking Regulations are revised periodically. The most current regulations are available here on the Transit and Parking website.

1. Introduction

These regulations become effective July 1, 2015 and are in effect at all times. Any vehicle operated or parked on UA owned or controlled property in violation of Arkansas motor vehicle statutes or these UA regulations is subject to being cited, booted and/or towed.

Any motor vehicle parked on UA owned or controlled property must either properly display a current UA parking permit or park at a parking meter and pay the posted meter fee. Permits are valid only in authorized lots or zones designated by map or posted signs and only for the person to whom they are registered. Bicycles parked on campus must display a UA bicycle permit. Parking Regulations are enforced at all times, even when classes are not in session.

Short-term parking meters (gold meters) are placed throughout campus for loading, unloading, and quick stops at campus buildings. These meters have a 30 minute time limit and require payment at all times. Vehicles parked at these meters can be cited every 30 minutes if the meter is expired. Campus loading zones are only for marked commercial vehicles and those with a valid UA loading zone permit.

UA parking permits or parking meter payments are required for parking in Extended Time lots and garages from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday. These include lots 2, 6, 9, 10, 14, 14A, 14B, 14C, 15, 15A, 18, 19, 20, 26, 28, 29, 31, 31N, 32, 33, 33A, 35, 35N, 36, 36A, 36B, 37, 38, 38A, 50, 66, 71, and 75, the Stadium Drive and Garland Avenue Garages, and any other lots designated as requiring a permit until 8 p.m.  These lots are reserved for any vehicle displaying a current UA parking permit between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. Monday through Friday, during the fall and spring semesters. Motorcycles and scooters may not park in car spaces.


UA parking lots 4, 5, 7, 8 and 61 are reserved for any Reserved or Faculty/Staff permit holder from 5 p.m. until 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, during the fall and spring semesters.  The Reserved section of lot 50, west of Brough Commons, is reserved from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. for “J” Reserved permit holders only.

UA parking permits or parking meter payments are required for parking in all other campus streets, lots and in the Meadow Street Garage from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and at all times in 24 hour reserved spaces, garages, lots and the Duncan Avenue parking meters. The responsibility for locating a legal parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator.

Cashless payment options are available for parking. The Parkmobile system allows parking meter payment using your cellphone. More information is available on the Transit and Parking website under Parkmobile.  Contact Transit and Parking if you have questions about or wish to purchase this parking payment option. Razorbucks may be used in the Stadium Drive, Garland Avenue and Meadow Street garages for hourly parking payment.

Visitors may purchase a garage permit that allows parking in the metered section of the designated garage Monday through Friday. Meter payment in the Stadium Drive and Garland Avenue garages is required from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Friday and in the Meadow Street Garage from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. Hourly payment is required in the Harmon Avenue Garage between 7 a.m. and 1 a.m., Monday through Thursday and 7 a.m. and 10:15 p.m. on Friday. The Stadium Drive and Meadow Street Garages will be used by the Athletics Department for all home football games and therefore, must be cleared by midnight before each home game. The Meadow Street Garage will be used for all home men’s basketball games so it must be cleared two hours prior to the game. 

The Harmon Avenue Garage is a gated facility with entry and exit controlled by an access card. Hourly parking is also available with pay stations located on levels 1 and 6. Payment can be made by cash, coin, credit card, debit card, or parking may be validated by some departments. Permit holders may not allow other vehicles to enter or exit the garage using their access card. Doing so will result in the revocation of the access card and garage parking privileges without a refund. The owner/driver of any vehicle exiting the garage without paying will be cited for failure to remit the garage parking fee, a $100 violation fee, and referred to the Office of Student Standards and Conduct.  Persons not affiliated with the UA may be referred to the city prosecutor for theft of services.

The UA assumes no responsibility for loss of or damage to private property. Therefore, all unattended vehicles parked on campus should be locked.

Parking lot designation signs are color coded and labeled with the lot type. Lot designation signs are located at the parking lot entrances and within the lots when necessary. Signs, designating spaces within a lot, are placed at each end of the section of spaces they designate and regulate all spaces between the signs.

2. Parking Permit Eligibility and Purchase

Reserved - Issued for a specific lot and will be sold to individuals based upon application, to be renewed annually. Priority will be given to current reserved permit holders and to those who require ADA accessible parking. Vacancies will be filled from the priority list of current applicants based on rank, seniority, and date of application.  Written justification for new All Area and 24 Hour Reserved permit applicants will be reviewed by the Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee Chairperson and forwarded to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration with a recommendation for approval or disapproval. Current All Area and 24 Hour Reserved permits will be reviewed annually for continuing need.

Faculty/Staff - Full-time UA employees and part-time UA employees who work at least 1,000 hours annually and are not enrolled in more than five class hours each semester. Graduate students are not eligible for Faculty/Staff permits.

Resident Reserved - Currently enrolled students residing in UA housing facilities, with priority based on criteria established by University Housing.

Student - Currently enrolled students.

Remote - All students, faculty and staff.

Scooter – All students, faculty and staff.

Reserved Scooter - Issued for a specific lot and will be sold to students, faculty and staff based upon application, to be renewed annually. Priority will be given to current reserved scooter permit holders. Vacancies will be filled from the priority list of current applicants based on date of application.

Bicycle - Anyone parking a bicycle on campus.

Annual Vendor/Visitor – Vendors providing business services to the campus.

Temporary parking permits are available for purchase by visitors and University students and employees who do not have an annual permit.

Parking permits may be purchased at the Transit and Parking Department, Administrative Services Building, 155 S. Razorback Road, Monday through Friday, from 7:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the Harmon Avenue Garage, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Permits may also be purchased on the Internet under My Parking Account. A parking permit will not be issued to any person or vehicle that has unpaid UA parking citations.

Annual parking permits are designed to be transferred to a replacement vehicle. Each vehicle parked on campus should be registered with the Transit and Parking Department.

The email address of all annual parking permit holders will be added to the Parkinginfo listserv. Parking information including lots that must be cleared for events, lot closings, lot redesignations, and new parking lots will be posted to this listserv.

3. Bicycle Parking

All bicycles parked on campus must display a UA Bicycle parking permit. Permits must be permanently attached to the seat tube below the horizontal bar or displayed in a locking permit holder attached to the handlebars. Locking permit holders are available from Transit and Parking. The permit must be visible and legible. Any permit that becomes illegible must be replaced. Damaged bicycle permits will be replaced at no charge.

Bicycles are subject to all state and local motor vehicle laws pertaining to street travel. Bicycles are to be parked in a manner that does not block pedestrian paths or building or emergency access and must be secured with a commercially available lock to prevent theft. Unsecured bicycles will be immobilized or impounded if considered a habitual violator. Bicycles may be secured to handrails and non-painted light poles as long as they do not block pedestrian paths or create a safety hazard, and only if there are no bicycle loops or racks within the immediate area.

Bicycles parked in a manner that obstruct ADA access, block pedestrian paths, create a safety hazard, or are secured to trees and landscaping, sign posts, parking meter posts, or painted light poles will be immobilized or impounded. Bicycle security devices may be removed by whatever means necessary to impound the bicycle. The university will not be liable to the owner of this device for the cost of repair or replacement. Bicycles may not be parked, stored, or left standing in the lobby, hallway, or room of any academic or administrative building except within private offices with the approval from the department head or building executive. Policies and procedures governing the storage of bicycles inside any facility owned, operated or managed by University Housing, may be found in the current Residence Hall Handbook.

Bicycles will be identified as abandoned if missing a major component such as pedals, handlebars, or chain and/or with flat tire(s). Abandoned bicycles are subject to being impounded. Impounded bicycles will be held for 60 calendar days before disposal. A list of impounded bicycles shall be posted on the Transit and Parking webpage under Parking Control for a minimum of 60 days.

Claiming an impounded bicycle requires providing proof of ownership (a sales receipt containing the serial number) or a notarized statement of ownership providing make, model, serial number, color, and location at the time of impoundment); providing the owner's name and ID, signing a statement of receipt for the bike, registering the bike, and payment of all citations and fees due for the bicycle. There will be a $10 charge for the return of an impounded bicycle or the removal of an immobilization device. All outstanding fees must be paid before the bike will be released.

4. Visitor Parking

Temporary Visitor permits may be used by persons other than current UA students, staff and faculty members. Annual Vendor/Visitor permits are for use only by vendors serving the UA campus and only while performing the service. Visitor permits may not be used by university students or employees. Campus visitors, with a temporary visitor parking permit, may park in regular metered spaces without paying the meter fee (short-term and garage metered spaces excluded) and in parking lots designated as Faculty/Staff, Student or Remote. Meter fee payment is required at short-term meters (gold housings) at all times.  Campus visitors without a current permit should park at a parking meter or an hourly space in a garage and pay the posted meter or hourly fee. Visitors and vendors may obtain a temporary visitor parking permit from the Transit and Parking Department. UA units or individuals receiving visitors are expected to promptly contact the Transit and Parking Department (575-PARK) to make parking arrangements. UA units may purchase daily visitor parking permits, garage access cards, or meter codes for garage parking from the Transit and Parking Department and issue them only to visitors. Please call 575-PARK for information.

5. Responsibilities of Parking Permit Holders

Each parking permit holder is responsible for safeguarding his/her permit, proper permit display on his/her vehicle and for any parking violation charges issued to that permit. Permits must be completely affixed by the manufacturer's adhesive and displayed on the inside of the front windshield, lower left corner, on the driver’s side. Temporary hangtag permits must be displayed on the inside mirror support and be visible through the windshield from outside the vehicle. Permits may not be reproduced, altered, defaced, bartered, transferred or sold to another individual. Permits are to be removed prior to sale or transfer of a vehicle, or upon termination of UA employment or enrollment.

A stolen permit will be replaced for $5 if a copy of the police report is provided. A $5 replacement fee will be charged for replacement of a damaged permit when the permit is returned. A destroyed permit will be replaced for $5 when proof of the permit’s destruction is provided. All other permit replacements will be charged the current permit fee.

6. Parking Permit Fees*

* Resident Student permits provide 24 hour reserved parking in their designated zone during the fall and spring semesters and Student parking privileges at all other times. Nine monthly payments of the listed rate pay for the 12 month permit.

Annual permits may not be purchased by the month. Monthly payments may be made by employees who pay for their permit via payroll deduction. The fee for annual permits will be the monthly rate times the number of months remaining in the permit year, except for Resident Reserved permits which have a special proration schedule. Permit refunds of less than $25 will not be issued. Annual Faculty/Staff and Student permits will not be refunded for the summer.

Annual Student permits expire on August 15 and annual Reserved and Faculty/Staff July 31 or upon termination of University employment or withdrawal from the UA. Temporary permits are valid only for the date(s) listed on the face of each permit.

7. Designation and Use of Parking Areas

Designation of UA parking lots and specific parking spaces is the responsibility of the Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee and the Transit and Parking Department. Parking lot designations are indicated by permit color on the current parking map, and on-site by colored signs. Sign and stall markings are considered to be correct and take precedence over conflicting parking map designations. Any area not specifically designated for parking is considered a No Parking zone, which may not be posted. Your permit type and parking lot signs designating where you may park on the UA campus are as follows:

Reserved - Parking for assigned Reserved and All Area permit holders only. Each lot is designated by matching permit and lot sign letter. All Area permits are not authorized to park in Reserved CC in lot 26, east of the Administration Building, or in Resident Reserved lots. All Area permit holders shall park in their assigned home lot when working in their normal building.

Faculty/Staff - Parking for Faculty/Staff, Emeritus and Reserved permit holders.

Resident Reserved - Parking for assigned Resident Student Reserved permit holders only. Each zone is designated by matching permit and lot sign zone number. All Area permits are not authorized to park in Resident Reserved lots.

Student - Parking for Reserved, Faculty/Staff, Resident Reserved, Emeritus and Student permit holders.

Remote - Parking for Reserved, Faculty/Staff, Resident Reserved, Student, Emeritus and Remote permit holders.

Bike Loops/Racks – Parking for bicycle permit holders only.

Parking Meters - Parking for anyone paying the meter. Parking at an inoperable meter is prohibited. Vehicles parked at expired meters can be cited once before noon and once after noon.

Short-term Parking Meters - These meters are in gold colored housings and require payment at all times. They provide 30 minute parking for brief stops at campus buildings. Violators parked at these meters can be cited every 30 minutes.

Motorcycle - Parking for motorcycles only (50cc and over engine displacement). Motorcycles may also park in unoccupied parking meter spaces by paying the meter fee. Motorcycles may not park in Faculty/Staff, Student or Remote parking spaces or in the Harmon Avenue Garage. Reserved permit holders who also purchase a Motorcycle permit or an approved permit display device may park in their reserved lot in place of their primary vehicle. Faculty/Staff and Student permit holders may purchase an approved permit display device to display their Faculty/Staff or Student permit on their motorcycle and park it in motorcycle parking. This eliminates the need to purchase an additional motorcycle permit.

Scooter Parking- Scooters (two wheeled motorized vehicles under 50cc) parked on campus must display a current UA scooter permit and may park only in designated scooter parking areas. According to Arkansas Law, scooters may not be ridden on the sidewalk.  The scooter permit does not authorize parking in UA motorcycle or car parking spaces. Fayetteville City Ordinance requires scooter riders to have scooter insurance. 

Scooter Reserved - Reserved scooter parking is for assigned Reserved Scooter permits only from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.

8. Accessible Parking

Annual ADA parking permits will be issued at the normal cost to any student or employee who has a state ADA parking placard or license plate issued in their name. Temporary ADA parking permits will be issued for the same length of time as the state temporary placard or for a maximum of seven (7) days based on an appropriate and licensed physician’s statement recommending a temporary ADA permit. The appropriate permit type, with the addition of an ADA logo, will be issued for the standard fee. The ADA logo will not be issued on a Remote permit. The ADA permit allows parking in lots designated as Faculty/Staff, Student and Remote. Meter payment is required when parking at a parking meter.  Campus visitors who have a state issued ADA placard or vehicle license may park in an ADA parking space by displaying a current UA temporary parking permit along with their ADA placard or vehicle license. The UA permit must be visible from outside the vehicle through the windshield.

9. Special Events Parking

UA units or individuals sponsoring any special event requiring campus parking for visitors are responsible for requesting parking arrangements two weeks before the event. A late fee will be assessed if the request is made after the two week deadline.  UA Policy 320.1 covers the parking requirements for special events. 

    a.    Visitor parking arrangements for special campus events must be coordinated with, and will be controlled by, the Transit and Parking Department, 575-PARK.

    b.    Razorback football, basketball and baseball athletic parking lots will be designated by signs. Vehicles must be moved from athletic parking lots two hours before each basketball game and by midnight before each football and baseball game. Additional Special events parking information is available on the Transit and Parking website.

10. Motor Vehicle Immobilizing, Towing, Impounding and Release

a.    The UA reserves the right to tow from its property any parked vehicle without a current parking permit; parked in a Transit Bus Stop; restricted zone; non-designated area; and with three or more and $50 or more in unpaid parking citations. Any vehicle will be towed if parked where it causes a traffic or pedestrian hazard, or in a manner to impede the access of emergency vehicles. Violations which will also result in towing and possible impoundment include, but are not limited to, parking in Reserved lots or spaces; fire or traffic lanes; zones marked with yellow paint; driveways; on a sidewalk; unauthorized zones or lots; grass areas; within 15 feet of a fire hydrant; within 20 feet of a crosswalk; within 30 feet of a stop sign; or double parked in a street, drive or lot.

b.    The UA reserves the right to tow from its property and impound any vehicle in violation of these regulations until all towing and impounding fees and UA parking violation charges have been paid.

c.    Any vehicle displaying a lost, stolen or altered permit will be towed and impounded. The driver/owner will be required to pay all tow and storage fees, all outstanding citations including a $100 administrative charge, and relinquish his/her UA parking permit and parking privileges for one year.

d.    A $100 administrative charge will be assessed to any suspended individual or vehicle parked on campus in addition to the vehicle being towed.

e.    In lieu of towing, vehicles may be immobilized (booted) for the same reasons for which they may be towed. Any vehicle with three or more and $50 or more in unpaid parking violations is subject to being booted. All outstanding citations and a $30 boot fee must be paid before the boot will be removed. Immobilized vehicles not claimed by the owner by the close of business will be towed. A $100 administrative fee will be assessed for unauthorized removal or attempted removal of a boot.

The vehicle owner or operator will be required to provide identification and pay all costs for removing and storing of the towed vehicle and all violation and administrative charges. Vehicles stored in the UA tow lot will be charged $10 per day for storage.

The booting or towing of a vehicle and the resulting fees may be appealed by following the procedures contained in section 15 of these regulations.


11. General Information

a.    Motorists passing transit buses in No Passing Zones, or failing to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, are subject to fine and prosecution. This includes UA and city streets, drives, and state highways.

b.    The maximum speed limit in all UA parking lots is 10 miles per hour. Other campus speed limits are as posted.

c.    It is the responsibility of any motorist whose vehicle becomes inoperative on campus to immediately notify the UA Police Department or Transit and Parking Department of the vehicle's status and location.

d.    Vehicles are considered abandoned when parked and stationary for two weeks and after reasonable attempts to locate the owner have failed. Abandoned vehicles will be towed from campus and custody of the vehicle will rest with the tow company.

e.    Falsifying vehicle registration information may result in parking privileges being denied or revoked.

f.     Loading zone parking is limited to service vehicles only, unless otherwise posted. Loading zone permits for extended periods may be issued based upon demonstrated need and are only valid for vehicles displaying a current UA parking permit. Short-term parking meters are provided near most buildings for your convenience.

g.    Parked backed into an angled parking space or facing the wrong way in a parallel space is prohibited.

h.    All spaces in paved parking lots have painted white lines on both sides of the parking space. If there is not a painted line on both sides, it is not a parking space. Spaces in gravel parking lots are designated by white or gray wheel stops. Parking is not allowed where yellow wheel stops are present.

i.     Campus parking permits may be revoked and parking privileges suspended by action of the Office of Student Standards and Conduct. Revoked permits are not eligible for a refund.

j.     Departments will be invoiced for parking citations issued to UA owned motor vehicles. 

k.    RV parking is allowed in designated areas only. Please contact Transit and Parking for information about RV parking.

l.     Specific parking lots are designated as No Overnight Parking and signed at the entrance.  These lots must be vacated between 3 a.m. and 5 a.m.

m.   Trailer parking in lots or garages must be requested from Transit and Parking prior to bringing the trailer on campus.

n.    Suggestions to improve the campus parking system are welcomed by the Transit, Parking and Traffic Committee whose membership represents students, faculty and staff. Any suggestions should be made to the committee chairperson in care of the Transit and Parking Department.

12. Parking Enforcement

a.    Enforcement of these regulations is the responsibility of the Transit and Parking Department and the UA Police Department. The Transit and Parking Department will assess administrative charges and penalties and may deny or revoke an individual's parking permit and privileges for excessive violations of University parking regulations.

b.  UA parking violation charges not paid or appealed within five class days could result in the violator's enrollment being denied, transcript being withheld, employee payroll deductions for the amount owed, or the violator's vehicle being booted or towed and impounded.

13. Finals and Summer Parking Information

Resident Reserved permit requirements will be enforced until 5 p.m. on the last day of classes each semester with some spaces designated for use by students moving out of the residence halls during finals.

After Finals and before classes resume for the next semester, Resident Reserved lots will be open for all permit types except Motorcycle, Scooter and Departmental permits. Garages require permits or payment year around.

14. Administrative Charges for Traffic and Parking Violations

All parking violation charges increase $10 after the third citation for the same offense in a fiscal year. Administrative charges for late payment of a traffic or parking violation citation will be $10 after 30 days and additional $10 charges after 60 and 90 days of nonpayment, from the date the citation was issued. Parking citations may be paid in person at the Transit and Parking Department or Harmon Avenue Garage, by mail, or on the internet at My Parking Account.

15. Appeals

Anyone having a valid reason to appeal a parking violation, placement of a boot or a vehicle tow may file an appeal form for the UA Parking and Traffic Appeals Committee at the Transit and Parking Department, 155 S. Razorback Road, or the Harmon Avenue Garage within five class days of the date of the citation. All UA Parking citations must either be appealed within five class days or paid. Appeals will incur a $10 administrative fee. All citations must be paid if the vehicle has been booted or towed. The citations as well as placement of a boot or tow and associated fees may then be appealed. If the written appeal is upheld the appeal fee will be refunded.  If the written appeal is denied, a request for an oral appeal may be filed within ten days of written appeal denial. Traffic citations are to be appealed at the University Police Department.

16. Razorback Transit Bus Service

Razorback Transit provides bus service on 10 fixed routes, both on campus and to major off campus living and service areas, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. on all UA fall and spring semester registration, class, and final exam days. Reduced service is provided from 6 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. on Saturdays during the fall and spring semesters (except home football game Saturdays) and from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Saturday, on other days. Please check posted schedules for your bus's actual departure time.  Live bus locations and stop times are available on the campus map by selecting the bus icon and the route for which the information is desired. Anyone may ride Razorback Transit buses fare free. UA students and employees are encouraged to use this reliable and convenient daily bus service. Bus maps and schedules are available at the following locations:  the Arkansas Union Information Desk, Union Station, the lobby of Hunt Hall, on all buses, at the Transit and Parking Department and the Harmon Avenue Garage. Persons with disabilities who cannot access the regular route buses may apply for complementary paratransit van service by contacting the Paratransit Coordinator at 575-6993.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning parking or transit services on the University of Arkansas campus, please contact the Transit and Parking Department, 131 Administrative Services Building, 155 S. Razorback Road, or call 575-PARK or 575-RIDE. Additional Transit and Parking information is available on our web site at: