Razorbikes is a program that is jointly sponsored by Transit and Parking and the Associated Student Government. It is designed to make community bicycles available to student, alumni, faculty and staff.

Eligible persons can come to the Parking Office (either in the Administrative Services Building or at the Harmon Avenue Garage) to be registered as a user of the program. Once they sign up, they will be given a pass-code which will unlock any Razorbike on campus for their use. Each bike will be used as transportation on or around campus for short trips and made available for the next user. Our intention is to make available as many bicycles as we can for as many users as possible.

There is no fee to register for Razorbikes but each user will be required to read and understand the rules of use and sign a user agreement prior to accessing unlock codes.

The required forms can be downloaded below and should be completed in duplicate if the user wishes a copy for their files or reference.

Rules of Use
User Agreement

The Razorbikes program encourages donations from students, alumni, faculty and staff. Bikes donated to the program will be recycled on campus for general use and help us provide alternative methods of transportation for anyone registered to use the program. Information about your donation can be obtained by calling 575-7615. In general, you will need to fill out a Gift In Kind Transmittal Form, then contact us about transferring the bike to the program. Your donation will be tax deductible and very much appreciated by the program, which is jointly sponsored by ASG and Transit and Parking.

Razorbike information can be obtained by calling Transit at 575-RIDE.

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