Harmon Avenue Parking Garage

Harmon Avenue Parking Facility

The Harmon Avenue Garage is a gated facility with entry and exit controlled by an access card. Hourly parking is available and payment may be made at one of the the pay stations located on levels one and six of the facility. Payment may be made by cash, coin, credit cards, debit cards, or parking may be validated by some departments. The cost for parking is $1 per 38 minutes or $16.00 per day. Vehicles leaving the facility within 20 minutes of entering will not have to pay for parking. This is to allow the driver to conduct business at the Parking Office or the Parking Spot. A driver who exits more than 20 minutes from the entry time will pay the full rate for parking.

Permit holders and hourly parkers may park in any unoccupied space with the exception of handicapped parking spaces. A University of Arkansas handicap parking permit, in addition to an H reserved permit or payment of the hourly fee, is required to park in a handicap space in the facility

Directional and level designation signs are located overhead.

Using Your Proximity Card

Image of ExpressParc exit station

When entering the Harmon Avenue Garage have your proximity card ready. Hold the proximity card no more than four inches from the four red lights on the card reader until the gate begins to rise.

Hourly Parking Instructions

Image of an hourly ticket dispenser

Take a ticket from the dispenser at the entrance when you enter the garage. After parking your vehicle, take the ticket with you when you leave the garage on foot.

Image of a pay station

Upon returning to the garage and before returning to your vehicle, insert the ticket into one of the pay stations on levels one or six, and pay the displayed amount. The pay station will return the validated ticket

Take the validated ticket to your vehicle, and at the exit, insert it into the ExpressParc exit station. The gate will open, allowing you to exit.

Wait until the gate arm is completely up, then enter the facility.

The same process will allow you to exit the facility. Proximity cards will be deactivated upon parking permit expiration. These cards can be reactivated if the parking permit is renewed, so do not dispose of them.

Image of proximity card reader

An H Reserved parking permit or H Student parking permit must be displayed on all vehicles using a proximity card. The proximity cards allow multiple entries and exits, but an exit must be made before another entry is made.

Entrances and exits are located on Harmon Avenue, Duncan Avenue, and Williams Street.

A replacement proximity card will cost $10.00.