License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License Plate Recognition (LPR) 

Frequently Asked Questions


An ePermit is an electronic parking permit authorizing your registered vehicle to park on campus. The advantages of an ePermit are you do not need to remember to transfer a physical permit to the vehicle you are driving that day, you can’t lose it, it can’t be stolen, and it can’t be damaged. Just remember to park only one registered vehicle on campus at a time.

The UA no longer issues physical parking permits other than to scooters and motorcycles. Students, faculty, and staff register their vehicle on My Parking Account ( using their vehicle license number (VLN). The LPR system tracks the VLN so the patrol staff know where the vehicle should be parked.

Vehicle Registration

Students, faculty, and staff may log into My Parking Account with their campus ID and password. If they have not already purchased an ePermit for the current semester, two semesters, or academic year, you will be permitted to register one or more vehicles to park on campus. While you may register multiple vehicles, only one may be on campus at a time.

You can register up to five automobiles on your account but can have only one parked on campus at a time. If additional vehicle must be parked on campus, they need to park in a metered spaces and pay the meter fee.

Motorcycles and Scooters will still be required to display a physical parking permit. We are hoping to eliminate this requirement in the future. If you have purchased a Reserved or Faculty/Staff parking ePermit, you may register a motorcycle and receive a motorcycle permit at no charge. Only one vehicle may be on campus at a time. If you park your motorcycle on campus, you cannot have your registered car parked on campus at the same time. If you only register a motorcycle, you will need to purchase a physical motorcycle permit online. Scooter physical permits will be available for purchase online as in the past.

Registered parkers can add the rental vehicle license number to their account for the length of time they will be driving the vehicle. The rental vehicle is then approved to be parked on campus as long as no other vehicle on the account is parked on campus at the same time. Multiple Vehicles on Campus Q: What should I do if I need to have more than one vehicle on campus at a time? A: One registered vehicle can park in the appropriate parking lot for your registration type. The other vehicle should be parked at a parking meter and pay the hourly fee for the time it will be parked.

Citations and Improper Parking

The LPR system reads vehicle license plates with cameras mounted on the patrol vehicle. The vehicle license plate must be facing the driveway for it to be read by the cameras.

The vehicle will be cited for Improper Parking in addition to any other violation.

If you are cited for a parking ticket by the LPR system, you will receive the ecitation by email, if we have your email address, or by U.S. mail if we don’t. You will be able to log into My Parking Account and can see all the details of the citation including the location of your vehicle at the time it was cited.

Log onto My Parking Account with your university ID and password and pay the citation with a credit or debit card.

You can file an appeal online. Just log onto My Parking Account and file an appeal. Appeals incur a $10 appeal fee which is refunded if your appeal is upheld. If your appeal is denied, the citation made a warning, or the violation fee reduced, the appeal fee is forfeited. After filing a written appeal online, you will be notified of the Appeals Court’s decision by email. If you disagree with this decision, you can contact the Appeals Clerk, within 10 days of the decision notice, to request an Oral Appeal. You will be scheduled to meet with the Appeals Court. The decision of the Appeals Court is final.

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