Bike UA

Bikes on Campus

To encourage cycling not only on campus, but as a means of transportation in general, bicycle permits are free and bike racks are located throughout campus. In addition to being healthy and environmentally friendly, cycling helps decrease traffic congestion and makes parking a little easier. Bicycle permits and registration are required for anyone parking a bicycle on campus because they connect the bike with the owner and may assist in the recovery process if your bike is stolen, lost,  or impounded.


Bus with Bike


Bike & Bus

Razorback Transit has bicycle racks on all routes and makes regular stops at major off-campus living and shopping areas and all around campus. This is a great solution for anyone who wants to bike on campus but is concerned about the big hills, doesn't have time to bike the entire way, and/or doesn't want to get sweaty. It's also a good option for regular cyclists when severe weather occurs.

Worried about the hills once you get to campus? Use Google Maps to find bike routes with mostly flat terrain.


Campus Dismount Zone

Hours- 8AM - 5PM

The core of campus has been designated a dismount zone during peak hours. This policy isn't meant to discourage cycling on campus but to ensure the safety of both cyclists and pedestrians. Cyclists should dismount their bikes and walk them through the designated area during the hours stated above.

No bike zone